CEP’s Ric Eales visiting the 'Engage with Strathclyde' Event

CEP’s Ric Eales will be at the ‘Engage with Strathclyde’ event this week as part of his role as a Visiting Professor at the University

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Ric Eales, CEP’s Managing Director, will be at the Engage with Strathclyde event this week – the University of Strathclyde’s flagship programme of events taking place over one week (29th April – 3rd May 2019).  The event is an opportunity for industry, the public and third sector to find out more about the University’s world leading research and how they can collaborate in a variety of ways.

Ric will be attending in his capacity as a Visiting Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Strathclyde.  He will in particular be visiting an event Showcasing Projects with Industry - Protecting and Enhancing the Environment.  He will also be meeting with students to discuss career opportunities in environmental consultancy.

For more information contacts Ric Eales r.eales@cep.co.uk / ric.eales@strath.ac.uk

CEP at Parliamentary Event as part of the evaluation of the Our Bright Future Programme

CEP participated in a Parliamentary Event in Westminster as part of our role in evaluating the Our Bright Future Programme

Photo courtesy of The Wildlife Trust

Photo courtesy of The Wildlife Trust

CEP’s Owen White attended a Parliamentary Event at Portcullis House in Westminster, London organised by the Our Bright Future Programme. The event was used to highlight to MPs and senior civil servants the successes of the Programme, and in particular provide an opportunity to communicate three key changes young people want to see: more time spent learning in and about nature; support to get into environmental job; more attention to be paid to the needs of young people and the environment.

CEP’s participation was as part of our role in the ongoing evaluation of the Our Bright Future Programme. We were observing the event and meeting with participants from the Programme and MPs to help understand the role of the event in meeting Programme objectives related to encouraging changes in policy and practice. For more information contact Owen White (Technical Director)

New report by CEP on dog walkers’ attitudes and behaviours

New report provides baseline assessment on dog walkers’ attitudes and behaviours for the South Downs National Park Authority’s ‘Take the Lead’ campaign

CEP were commissioned by the South Downs National Park Authority to undertake a study to establish baseline data on key sites for dog walker behaviour and engagement among heathlands within the South Downs National Park.  The study has informed and is part of the Heathlands Reunited Heritage Lottery Funded project’s Take the Lead campaign which is being led by the National Park Authority.

The study, in 2018, conducted desk research and developed a public survey in order to gain baseline data on dog walkers’ attitudes and behaviours. This survey will be repeated during the final year of the Heathlands Reunited project (2021), in order to explore the impact of the Take the Lead campaign on behaviour change.

The final project baseline report has now been published: The Heathlands Reunited Evaluation of Behaviour Change in Dog Walkers Baseline Report

For more information contact Paula Orr (Technical Director) or Sian Morse-Jones

CEP commissioned to undertake Clyde marine public dialogue

Photo credit: 'Ardrossan Harbour Sunset' by Oliver Clarke on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

CEP commissioned to undertake public dialogue to support the development of the Clyde Regional Marine Plan

CEP, working with SAMS Research Services Limited (SRSL), has been commissioned by the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership (CMPP) to design and deliver a public dialogue to support the development of the Clyde Regional Marine Plan (CRMP).

The dialogue will engage with around 30 members of the public from two locations in the CRMP area to: discuss how people engage with, use and benefit from the marine environment; consider key marine planning and management issues; and deliberate on potential policy options and measures for consideration in the emerging draft CRMP. 

The project builds on successful public dialogue work undertaken by CEP for Marine Scotland on the social impacts of offshore renewables and other, land-based participatory planning work undertaken by CEP for Scottish Natural Heritage in the Pentland Hills Regional Park.

For more information please contact Paula Orr (Project Director) or  Dr Peter Phillips (Project Manager).

CEP's review of Flood Awareness Wales published

Photo credit: 'Flooded Esplanade' by Ben Salter on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Natural Resources Wales published CEP's review of Flood Awareness Wales

CEP was commissioned by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to carry out a review of the community engagement element of the Flood Awareness Wales (FAW) programme.

The FAW programme was developed by Welsh Government and Environment Agency Wales (now NRW) in 2010 to contribute to the delivery of flood and coastal erosion risk management objectives by raising awareness and increasing the preparedness of communities.

The main aims of the evaluation were to assess the effectiveness of current approaches to community engagement; and to review local, national and international best practice in order to provide evidence and recommendations for future practice to increase community flood resilience in Wales. 

The Executive Summary, presenting the findings of the evidence review, is available on NRW's website. For a full copy of the report please email NRW at: Floodawareness.wales@cyfoethnaturiolcymru.gov.uk