CEP and Brussels-based MILIEU renew their commitment to collaborate


CEP and Milieu - a multi-disciplinary consultancy based in Brussels specialising in providing high quality legal and policy services primarily for public sector clients - have been collaborating for more than 14 years.  In acknowledgement of our longstanding working relationship and successful collaborations, we are delighted to announce that we have renewed our Memorandum of Understanding which covers our mutual commitment to collaborate where appropriate in the provision of environmental consultancy services and to share expertise, knowledge and resources.

CEP and Milieu have been working together since 2005.  During this period we have jointly delivered some exciting, innovative and influential projects for both the European Commission and the European Environment Agency (EEA).  This work includes projects related to: policy evaluation and impact assessment; SEA; state of the environment reporting; environmental futures assessment; climate proofing policy; water management; science-policy interface; and environmental governance.

Ric Eales, CEP’s Managing Director, commented:

We enjoy excellent relationships with many partners in the UK and across Europe, but our relationship with Milieu has been particularly rewarding and successful over the last 14 years.  Over this time we have worked together on numerous projects particularly for European institutions and the success of these collaborations is to a great extent down to our shared culture and commitment to delivering quality services to our clients.  We look forward to our relationship with Milieu continuing to grow and strengthen in the years to come”.

This agreement highlights CEP’s continuing commitment to service our European institution clients, such as the European Commission and European Environment Agency (EEA).  Our ongoing work for European institutions includes projects on important topics, such as urban sustainability, emerging environmental risks and foresight, improving access to environmental information and justice, and the effectiveness and implementation of environmental regulations.


For more information contacts Ric Eales (Managing Director) r.eales@cep.co.uk

CEP’s Owen White presenting at University of Westminster conference

Image: 'University of Westminster' by Matt Brown on Flickr (CC by 2.0)

Design After Planning – Examining the Shift from Epistemology to Topology

Owen White will be giving a presentation and participating in a panel discussion at a conference at the University of Westminster on 5th February 2016.

The conference will ‘explore the possibility of going beyond the limitations of liberal-modernist policy-making and urban planning, and the implications of doing so, if we start thinking of governance at different scales as a process of design’. Owen will be presenting the emerging results and lessons from the ongoing project CEP are delivering for the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment: to develop and test a methodology to help European member states explore and understand the implications of global megatrends for the environment and for policy at the national level. 

Owen’s presentation will focus on the approach adopted in developing the methodology and the outcomes to date, in particular: method proposals, balancing effectiveness and robustness with acceptability and usability; communicating complexity and uncertainty over diverging geographical and temporal scales; and the utility for decision making and policy planning and assessment at national level. Owen will also be part of a panel titled ‘new topologies of planning’.

Tickets for this event are available from this link.