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CEP contribute to Urban Natural Capital Accounting report for Defra

CEP contribute to analysis on urban cooling for Urban Natural Capital Accounting report for Defra

CEP have contributed to a recently published report by eftec on Urban Natural Capital Accounting, for Defra. CEP's role in the research involved contributing to a review of the cooling effect of green and blue infrastructure across 11 city regions. This report extends earlier work for Defra on the local climate regulating benefits of urban natural capital developed in the UK Urban Natural Capital Scoping Study, by including blue space, and other green space categories, and improving the accounting of spatial differentials in climate. 

The final report has now been published: Scoping UK Urban Natural Capital Account - Local Climate Regulation Extension.  

For more information, please contact Dr Sian Morse-Jones (Senior Consultant)

CEP participates in a workshop on green infrastructure

CEP’s Špela Kolarič attended a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Knowledge Exchange workshop: What sort of green infrastructure do we want - building bridges between sCiEnce and practice

On Friday 16th February 2018, Špela Kolarič from CEP participated in a workshop titled What sort of green infrastructure do we want - building bridges between science and practice.  The workshop was organised in London as part of the NERC Green Infrastructure Knowledge Exchange Fellowship, Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure (led by Professor Alister Scott).

The workshop involved academic researchers, policymakers, and practitioners working in the field of green infrastructure and nature based solutions.  The aim of the workshop was to try to break new ground on how researchers, policy-makers and practitioners can better engage with each other in order to influence and encourage implementation of quality green infrastructure.  Špela participated in a discussion group related to “making a business case for green infrastructure and nature based solutions" and presented CEP’s recent work in this area, including assessing the knowledge base on society’s dependence on natural capital for the European Environment Agency, a project which has sought to identify evidence on the (monetary) quantification of (co-)benefits of green infrastructure and nature based solutions

For more information on CEP’s work in the area of natural capital, green infrastructure and nature based solutions please contact Peter Phillips or Ric Eales.

CEP assesses the knowledge base on society’s dependence on natural capital


CEP has been commissioned to lead a specific contract, let under the CEP-led framework service contract on forward-looking analysis, sustainability assessments and systemic transitions for the European Environment Agency (EEA), to provide expertise for Assessing the knowledge base on society’s dependence on natural capital in support of SOER 2020.  CEP is also leading one of the two explicit tasks in this project which will take stock of and synthesise available knowledge on how green infrastructure (GI) / nature based solutions can contribute to sustainability challenges for maintaining natural capital and ecosystem service capacity. This will include assessing the knowledge base on whether GI / nature based solutions are cost-effective investments that can serve similar functions to grey infrastructure and even provide more benefits for local economies, the social fabric and the broader environment. This task is linked to the other specific task under the contract exploring society’s dependence on natural capital, which is being led by CEP’s partner Trinomics.

This contract is an opportunity to gain a better understanding of societal dependence on natural capital (i.e. biodiversity, ecosystems and their services) and to highlight its importance for Europe, and further incorporate these findings into the EEA’s upcoming SOER 2020 report. 

For more information on this project please contact Ric Eales or Peter Phillips.  

CEP's Owen White is the overall Framework Contract Manager and can provide general information on the framework.  CEP's Dr Bill Sheate is the Framework Contract Director.