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CEP developing baseline social information for Marine Management Organisation

CEP is contributing to research led by ICF to provide baseline social information for the Marine Management Organisation

ICF, CEP and ABPmer were contracted by Marine Management Organisation (MMO) to undertake a study to support social baseline assessments for marine plans.

After an initial identification and prioritisation of social evidence needs, three research topics were agreed with MMO.   CEP is leading on two research topics: Seascape quality, value and links to sense of place; and Health and wellbeing benefits of coastal recreation and barriers to access.  Research on a third priority topic (Socio-economic deprivation in coastal communities) is being led by ICF.  CEP’s research involves literature review, focus groups, interviews and analysis.   For the Seascapes research, ABPmer developed a tailored-made online survey and map to gather the views of local residents about the coastal places that are special for them. 

The research topics will be published as separate reports later this year on the MMO’s website

For more information please contact CEP’s Paula Orr (Technical Director) or Sian Morse-Jones (Principal Consultant) for more information.


CEP to deliver a new EEA project on the environment and quality of life in Europe

CEP has been awarded a new project to assist the EEA in developing a report on the environment and quality of life in Europe

This new project have been awarded under the CEP-led framework service contract for the European Environment Agency (EEA) which provides assistance to the consolidation and update of the knowledge base on global megatrends and resource nexus in support of SOER 2020.  CEP’s contribution to the report will focus on environmental health across Europe, environmental risks to health and the environmental benefits to health and well-being.  CEP will be assisted by Ben Cave Associates.

The project will support the publication of an EEA report planned for 2019 on the linkages between the environment and quality of life in our member countries. The report will explore how quality of life in Europe is influenced due to the impact that environmental quality has on health and well-being. It will also review evidence of how social vulnerability can result in increased exposure and sensitivity to pollution and reduced resilience to environmental risks. The scope includes both environmental risks to health and access to the benefits that a high quality environment provides to health and well-being.

For more information please contact CEP’s Ric Eales the Project Manager.