2010 Publications

Phillips, P. and Sheate, W. R. (2010) A new SEA pathway: Reflecting on Strategic Environmental Assessment in Scotland. The Environmentalist, Vol. 104, 20 September 2010, 19-22.

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Collingwood Environmental Planning (2010) Farming and Water for the Future in the Trent Catchment - Innovative Solutions for Local Flood Risk Management. Programme Report.

European Environment Agency (2010) The territorial dimension of environmental sustainability - Potential territorial indicators to support the environmental dimension of territorial cohesion. Technical report No 9/2010.

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European Environment Agency (2010) Assessing biodiversity in Europe - the 2010 report. EEA Report No 5/2010.


2009 Publications

Collingwood Environmental Planning and CHERE (2009) Sustainability Appraisal Report of the Mayor of London's draft Water Strategy.

Orr, P. and Daly, E. (2009) Investigating an analytical methodology for evaluating behaviour change methodologies. Environment Agency, Report: SC080017/R3 (publication)

Improving Institutional and Social Responses to Flooding, Environment Agency, 2006-8
Improving flood warnings (WP1) - Science Summary
Improving flood warnings (WP1a) - Science Report
More Targeted Flood Warnings: A Review (WP1b) - Science Report
Improving response, recovery and resilience (WP2) - Science Summary
Improving response, recovery and resilience (WP2) - Science Report
Improving Institutional and Social Responses to Flooding: Synthesis Report (WP5) - Science Summary
Improving Institutional and Social Responses to Flooding: Synthesis Report (WP5) - Science Report

European Environment Agency (with Milieu Ltd. and Ecosphere Lda). Territorial cohesion - Analysis of environmental aspects of the EU Cohesion Policy in selected countries, Technical report No 10/2009

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2008 Publications

Final Report to Defra: Case study to develop tools and methodologies to deliver an ecosystem based approach - Thames Gateway Green Grids - NR0109 (2008).

Twigger-Ross, C., Tapsell, S., Davoudi, S., Fielding, J, Sheate, W., Warburton, D. and Fernandez-Bilbao, A. (2008) Demystifying Social Science Research in Flood Risk Management, paper give at Defra EA Flood Risk Management Conference July 2008.

Twigger-Ross, C. Colbourne, L. Fernandez-Bilbao, A. Tapsell, S. Watson, N. Kashefi E., Walker, G. and Medd, W. (2008) Putting people and places at the centre: improving institutional and social responses to flooding, Paper given at Defra/EA Flood Risk Management Conference July 2008.

Twigger-Ross, C. Colbourne, L. Fernandez-Bilbao, A. Tapsell, S. Watson, N. Kashefi E., Walker, G. and Medd, W. (2008) Putting people and places at the centre: improving institutional and social responses to flooding, Poster presentation at FloodRisk 2008.

Twigger-Ross, C., Fernandez-Bilbao, A., Walker, G.P., Deeming, H., Kashefi, E., Watson, N. and Tapsell, S. (2008) Flood warning in the UK: shifting the focus, paper presented at FloodRisk 2008.

Watson, N., Kashefi, E., Medd, W. & Walker, G., Tapsell, S. and Twigger-Ross, C. (2008) Institutional and social responses to flooding from a resilience perspective, paper presented at FloodRisk 2008.

Sheate, W.R., Partidário, M.R., Byron, H., Bina, O. and Bennett, S. (2008) Sustainability Assessment of Future Scenarios: Methodology and Application to Mountain Areas of Europe, Environmental Management, 41: 282 - 299 (DOI:- 10.1007/s00267-007-9051-9)

Assessing the Impact of the Revision of Directive 98/8/EC concerning the Placing of Biocidal Products on the Market (2008) European Commission DG ENV (Milieu Ltd with RPA/Hydrotox GmbH/)


2007 Publications

Sheate, W., Zamparutti, T., Bennett, S. and Rogeli, M. (2007) Literature review and mega trends of driving forces of future environmental change Final Report by Collingwood Environmental Planning and Milieu Ltd to the European Environment Agency (November 2007)

Sheate, W.R. and Kiely, A. (2007) Causal chain analysis: making the link, The Environmentalist, Issue 51, pp 21-23 (October 2007).

Sheate, W.R. and Bennett, S. (2007), The Water Framework Directive, Assessment, Participation and Protected Areas: What are the Relationships? Synthesis Report to the Irish Environmental Protection Agency, ERTDI Research Programme, Report No. 67 (October 2007, available athttp://www.epa.ie/downloads/pubs/research/water/name,23575,en.html and full report at http://www.epa.ie/downloads/pubs/research/water/name,23576,en.html)

SA Report for London Borough of Brent (June 2007) Development Policies Development Plan Document (DPD) Preferred Options and Site Specific Allocations DPD Preferred Options

New Forest Rural Pathfinder Project: Stakeholder Involvement in the New Forest: A report for the Forestry Commission by CEP and Shared Practice, January 2007.


2006 Publications

The SEA Environmental Report of the Wales Rural Development Plan (2006)

London Borough of Brent's Draft Core Strategy Preferred Options Sustainability Appraisal Report (October 2006). Click to access the summary and full report.

SEA Implementation Toolkit for Fife Council (2006) (with EnviroCentre)


2005 Publications

Speller, G. and Twigger-Ross,C.L. (2005) Improving community and citizen engagement in flood risk management decision making, delivery and flood response R&D Technical Report SC040033/SR3 Environment Agency: Bristol.

Twigger-Ross, C.L. and Speller, G. (2005) Improving the contribution of social science to the Flood Risk Management science programme R&D Technical Report SC040033/SR5 Environment Agency: Bristol

Twigger-Ross, C.L. and Speller, G. (2005) The Impact of Flooding on Urban and Rural Communities R&D Technical Report SC040033/SR1.

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