Understanding emerging issues and megatrends

Over recent years CEP has developed significant expertise in the development and application of methods to identify and understand emerging issues and global megatrends.

Method development projects include assisting the European Commission (DG Environment) in the development of a methodological framework for the systematic identification of emerging risks to the environment, and supporting the European Environment Agency network of foresight experts (with funding from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment) by developing a methodological toolkit for understanding the implications of global megatrends at the national level (see figure below). Both projects adopted a participatory approach, drawing on the knowledge and needs of those who will be using the methods. This approach combined our technical expertise in applied methodologies for policy, with our skills in stakeholder engagement and facilitation.

Subsequently, CEP has supported national and European clients in understanding the implications, risks and opportunities emerging from global megatrends, for example:

megatrends method graphic.png
  • The Environment Ministry of Slovenia has recently asked CEP to support a study on the implications of global megatrends for Slovenia, with a focus on how global trends will impact on Slovenia’s ability to meet national environmental goals (2017-2018).

  • The European Environment Agency commissioned CEP as part of a project lead by the European Topic Centre for Inland, Coastal and Marine waters to undertake a study on the implications of global megatrends for the Western Balkans, with a focus on the water, energy and food nexus (2016-2017).

For further information please contact Collingwood Environmental Planning’s Owen White (Technical Director) o.white@cep.co.uk or Rolands Sadauskis (Senior Consultant) r.sadauskis@cep.co.uk