Job Opportunities 

Collingwood Environmental Planning is an independent multi-disciplinary environmental and sustainability consultancy with a research focus. We are always interested in talking to exceptional people with experience who share our approach and vision and are interested in helping to shape the future of CEP's business.

Some of CEP’s key areas of expertise relate to:

  • Process, outcome and impact evaluation of policies, programmes and practices

  • European policy support, including policy analysis, forward-looking studies and evidence reviews

  • Environmental and social impact assessment

  • Natural environment, including ecosystem services and natural capital

  • Flood risk management, water management and marine planning

  • Climate change adaptation, social vulnerability and resilience

  • Farming and the environment, including agri-environment measures

  • Urban sustainability

  • Approaches to engagement, dialogue and collaborative working

  • Social research, including qualitative and quantitative methods

We have extensive experience and knowledge of European institutions, such as the European Environment Agency (EEA) and European Commission, and UK public sector bodies such as the Environment Agency, DEFRA, Scottish Government and local authorities, as well as NGOs and the private sector. We work on a broad spectrum of practical and advisory services relating to environmental and sustainability policy, planning and assessment and the wider European environmental policy context.

If interested in exploring further please write, including covering letter and a full CV, to: 
Adrienne Watson, 
Collingwood Environmental Planning, 
Unit 1E The Chandlery,
50 Westminster Bridge Road, 
SE1 7QY,
United Kingdom

or email:

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