CEP running a brainstorming event for the European Commission

Photo credit: 'European Commission' by Sébastien Bertrand on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

CEP to run a brainstorming event on the development of a methodological framework for the identification of emerging environmental risks

As part of our work on the ongoing project to develop a methodological framework for the systematic identification of emerging risks to the environment for DG Environment of the European Commission, CEP together with our consortium partner Milieu Ltd are organising and facilitating a one-day brainstorming event.  The event will take place on Thursday 1st December 2016, in Brussels, and will bring together experts from across the European Commission.

The brainstorming will be a participatory event in which the CEP and Milieu team actively facilitate working sessions with experts, to discuss and explore topics including: the scope and characteristics of a potential European system for the identification of emerging environmental risks; and existing methods that could contribute to a systematic framework for identifying emerging environmental risks.

For more information on this event and the project please contact the CEP project manager Owen White.