CEP presenting Clyde marine dialogue results

CEP presenting results from Clyde marine dialogue at Clyde Marine Planning Partnership meeting

Between July and December 2017, CEP, in collaboration with the Scottish Association for Marine Science Research Services Limited (SRSL), designed, organised and delivered a public dialogue process to aid the development of the Clyde Regional Marine Plan (CRMP). On 30th January, CEP's Dr Peter Phillips will be presenting key results from the dialogue at a meeting of the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership (CMPP). The project ran two rounds of dialogue at two locations across the Clyde Marine Region (CMR); Tarbert and Greenock. The approach involved storytelling to elicit participants' connections to the CMR, participatory mapping of important places / activities across the region and a multi-criteria based evaluation of alternative approaches to marine planning policy and management. Peter will be co-delivering the presentation with Jake Ainscough from SAMS.